Dennis A. Couch

In July 1992, 17 year-old Sarah was driving home after spending a day with friends.   It was around midnight when she stopped at a red light.   While she was waiting for the light to change, a masked gunman got into her car.   Sarah was told to stare straight ahead and to drive. She drove for a little while before she got so shaky and panicked that she could not drive.   The masked man had her pull over and to slide to the passenger seat.   He told her that if she tried to leave the car he would shoot her in the back.   He made her blindfold herself before he took his mask off. Blindfolded, Sarah could not tell where they were going.   The man took his pants off and forced Sarah to perform oral sex until he ejaculated.   Hoping she could escape, Sarah told the man that she had to use the restroom.   He pulled the car off into some remote area and let her out of the car.   Once she was out of the car he raped her a second time.


After he finished raping her he tried to get back in the car, but he had locked the keys in the car.   He got the keys back by smashing a window with a rock.  He forced Sarah into the car, and drove off again. A little later, he stopped the car and raped her again.   Because the front seat was small, he forced her into the back seat where he continued to rape her.   He ordered her back into the front seat and drove around again. Once again, he stopped the car and raped her.   But this time he anally raped her.   After he finished, he told her to stay in the back seat with her face down while he fled.   Sarah was told she would be shot if she looked up while he was there. 

After the man fled, Sarah drove home and ran to her mother’s room.   The brutality of the rapes, some of which happened on broken glass, left Sarah with blood flowing down her legs and pooling in her shoes. The police were called and Sarah was taken to the hospital for a rape exam.   Clothes, covered in semen and blood, were collected.  Sarah was blindfolded the entire time she was driven around and repeatedly raped.   The only thing she knew about the man that raped her was that he was white, had darker hair, was shorter than her dad, and was of medium build.

His violent crimes have properly netted him a 125-year sentence.  He should serve every day of that sentence, ensuring that he will never violently rape another person.

Sexual Predator
Min Sentence
18 years
Max Sentence
125 years
Date Admitted:
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