Djuan Bronaugh

Djuan Bronaugh hired two men to murder Nathalus Hughes.  He hired them because he believed Hughes had been supplying “drug home invasion robbers” with information about where Bronaugh stored his drugs and money.

Bronaugh met with his hitmen and gave them a car with a fake license plate. The hitmen drove to Hughes under the pretense of selling him a car.  When they met him, they murdered him by shooting him in the head.  They then met back up with Bronaugh who paid them $2,500 for the murder.  Soon after, he had the car they used destroyed.

Bronaugh’s brother, Tommy Jr., was known to be the head of a drug cartel run out of Houston, Texas.  A few days after the murder, Bronaugh flew to Houston for his brother’s birthday party where Hughes’ murder was described as a “birthday present for Tommy.”   Bronaugh was also overheard bragging about how Hughes was “done” and got what he deserved.  He told people how he had his “Toledo Boys” take care of business. 

Further, there was evidence that Bronaugh had used these men in prior incidents and was at least under investigation for hiring them for drive-by shootings.

Bronaugh hired two men to murder a man because he believed he was interfering with his drug business and then bragged to others about how he had the man murdered.  His actions prove that he has earned every day of his 23-year-to-life sentence.  He should never be granted the chance to harm anyone again.  As such, he should spend the rest of his life in prison.

North Central Correctional Institution
Aggravated Murder
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