Edwin Swan

Edwin Swan is serving a life sentence because he shot and killed Derrick Turnbow. This shooting occurred after Swan's younger brother, Greg, called him and told him that he (Greg) was going to be attacked by a group of boys led by Larry Cook, a drug dealer. 


After school let out for the day, Cook and a group of about 20 others approached Greg. Swan then arrived and a fight started. A crowd started to gather to watch the fight. By the time of the shooting, it was estimated that around 150 people were present.

At some point, Swan ran across the street, turned, and ran back with a handgun. He started waving the gun around and said he was going to kill someone. He then leveled his gun at Cook and fired.

The bullet missed Cook and hit Derrick Turnbow in the face with the bullet lodging into his spine. Turnbow was instantly rendered a quadriplegic.

Swan ran from the scene and was chased by a teacher. When the teacher ordered him to stop and to put down the gun, Swan turned the gun on the teacher. Fortunately, the gun jammed.

Swan was initially convicted of attempted murder for shooting Turnbow. When the injuries that Swan inflicted led to Turnbow's death after he spent nearly two years in a hospital, Swan was convicted of murder.

Turnbow was not just an innocent bystander that was senselessly killed. He was also a model student. He was on the honor roll and was destined for a successful and productive life. Even as he suffered in the hospital, Turnbow did not give up hope. As he struggled for his life, he continued to work his way through high school, graduating with honors. Numerous celebrities - including President George Bush - recognized the type of person Turnbow was and went to see him in the hospital.

His struggle to succeed as he struggled to live gave hope to many people in his impoverished neighborhood. Cincinnati City Council recognized Turnbow's actions and the hope that he gave others by dedicating a street next to his school in his honor.

It is tragic that Swan thought nothing of firing a gun at a crowd of people. But what is most tragic is that there was no reason for him to fire the gun at all. He had successfully run across the street. He could have just kept running. Instead, he pulled a gun, announced he was going to "kill me someone," and then took the life of a most promising young man

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