Fred Stanley

Thelma Beck, a disabled elderly woman who lived alone, was found dead in her Clifton-area home the morning of April 9, 1990. She had been stabbed more than 10 times, and her throat had been slit.

The case went unsolved for more than two years, until August of 1992 when Cincinnati Police linked defendant to the crime scene using a new fingerprint identification system. At first defendant denied knowing Mrs. Beck or that he had ever been to her house. But when confronted with evidence linking him to the crime scene, defendant admitted to police that he walked away from Hughes High School that morning, went to Mrs. Beck's house, knocked on her door and she let him in. He claimed to police that he had occasionally performed odd jobs for her in the past and that she got mad at him this time, so he stabbed her.  He told police he fled the scene and threw away the knife.  It was never fully proven whether defendant did an occasional odd job for Mrs. Beck.  We believe this was a convenient way for defendant to explain why his fingerprints were in the victim’s home, and to rationalize his acts of violence. 

Mrs. Beck was disabled. An earlier broken hip injury prevented her from walking without the use of her walker. Fingerprints found on Mrs. Beck's walker were matched to defendant Fred Stanley. Neighbors who checked on Mrs. Beck each morning saw her at 8:15 A.M. that day, and when they came back just over an hour later, they found Mrs. Beck's lifeless body slumped over the coffee table. In addition to her throat being slashed, Mrs. Beck sustained stab wounds to her chest, abdomen, and thigh. She also sustained bruising to her head and lips, as well as three broken ribs.

On December 6, 1993 a jury found defendant Fred Stanley guilty of the brutal murder of Mrs. Beck, and he was sentenced to serve 15 years to Life in the Ohio Department of Corrections. 

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