Kevin Williams

On the evening of November 21, 1995, Williams and Andrea Sims were driving home from an outing with her children Samuel and Shandon. Andrea had been seeing Williams for approximately one and one-half years. During this drive, the seven-year-old Samuel disclosed to his mother that Williams had touched him improperly. Samuel was immediately taken to Children's Hospital and was examined by Dr. Hogai Nassery. After performing a physical examination, Dr. Nassery reported that she found no signs of physical trauma. However, in an interview with Beverly Ringel, a social worker at Children's Hospital who was trained to interview and assess sexual abuse victims, Samuel disclosed other information. Samuel told Ms. Ringel that Williams “put his private inside my behind” and “spit on my private.” Samuel also stated that Williams lay on Samuel's stomach while unclothed, making it hard for Samuel to breathe. Samuel described other instances of oral-genital contact and said “white stuff did come out.” Williams had told Samuel not to tell anyone about this or his mother would go to jail.

Williams was interviewed by the Cincinnati Police Personal Crimes Unit. Williams stated that Samuel was falsely accusing him because he had disciplined Samuel in the past. No arrest was made at that time, but the investigation continued. Williams again was interviewed by police on December 22, 1995. He went to the police station for this scheduled interview. Before being interviewed, Williams was verbally informed of his rights, and signed and initialed a written notification-of-rights form. At that time, Williams admitted to “stretching” and “rubbing” Samuel's penis. Williams stated that while giving Samuel a bath, he demonstrated how men engage in anal sex in jail by stretching Samuel's penis towards Samuel's buttocks and by inserting his right index finger in Samuel's rectum. At the conclusion of the interview, Williams was allowed to leave the station.

Williams was indicted by the grand jury on January 29, 1996, on the two counts. After a suppression hearing, the trial court overruled Williams's motion to suppress his statements to the police. At trial, Williams was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment on the felonious sexual penetration count and sentenced to a consecutive two-year term on the gross sexual imposition count.

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