Nathalus Coates

Nathalus Coates is in prison for two violent acts. 

The first act involved him being part of a drive-by shooting. Coates, along with others, were upset about a fight that happened at a high school. So they got guns and donned ski masks. After not seeing who they were looking for at the school, they drove to what they believed was their intended target’s home. Once there, they shot at the people who were outside. The house that Coates’ was looking for, however, was further down the street.  Fortunately, no one was hit.

Notably, the witnesses who saw Coates at the school saw that the people driving around the school were wearing ski masks, thus demonstrating that Coates was ready to fire shots at a school.

While on bond for the drive-by shooting offense, Coates was apparently robbed by Russell Phillips. Coates did what Coates does and got a gun. After he got a gun, he had a friend drive him around hunting for Phillips. Once they found him, they got him into the car.  While holding his gun at Phillips’ head, Coates demanded his property back.

According to Coates, Phillips said he would give him his things back and then tried to push the gun away from his head. Coates said that the gun accidentally went off, causing a fatal shot to Phillips’ chest.

Coates has shown that he has absolutely zero regard for life. He not only killed a man, he also fired shots at completely innocent people during a drive-by shooting. Having shown such disregard for others, he should be kept in prison for the rest of his life. Letting him out will only place society at risk for his senseless violence.  No form of early release, therefore, should be granted.

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