Robert Henry Mason

Mason, along with a co-defendant, tricked their way into their victim's apartment. Once inside, the co-defendant pulled a gun and the two tied up the victim's hands and legs. The eventually cut her legs free so they could take turns raping her. 

After the two finished raping her, they beat her head and face with the gun before taking her into the bathroom where they tried to drown her in the bathtub. She suffered three skull fractures, two cheekbone fractures, two jawbone fractures, and her nose was completely destroyed.

Another person in the apartment was also struck and was left with a single skull fracture.

While this was going on, a four-month-old child that was in the apartment began to cry. Mason and his co-defendant smashed the child's head with the gun to stop the child from crying. The child suffered a severe skull fracture to the base of his head and to the base of his skull.

Mason has a history of criminal violence. Psychiatric reports have found that "He has no remorse -- no emotional reaction to his crime."

Pickaway Correctional Institution
Aggravated Robbery
Attempted Murder
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