Roland A. Reaves

That this defendant is even being considered for any type of release is appalling considering he was originally sentenced to death. Society felt so strongly that it wanted to keep this defendant out of it that it felt the best way to accomplish this was to sentence him to death. The only reason he is now serving a life sentence is because of the short period of time when Ohio’s death penalty statute was found to be unconstitutional. Regardless, his sentence is still life and it is just as much of an affront to society to release him early. Life means life, not thirty years or so. Beyond the sentences that have been imposed in this matter, the facts of this case demand that this defendant never be allowed back into a civilized world. The defendant and an accomplice took it upon themselves to plan out a robbery of a United Dairy Farmer’s convenience store. They planned out robbing the store manager at gunpoint as the store closed. This robbery turned deadly when the police arrived to investigate the burglary. Reaves and his cohort then repeatedly shot Police Officer David Cole to death. Both Reaves and his co-defendant repeatedly fired their guns into Cole. It is, obviously, a tragedy whenever any innocent person is killed. But it is especially so when that person is a police officer. Police officers stand as a bastion and a symbol of law, order, and safety. This defendant’s cold, callous murdering of Officer Cole was an attack not only upon Officer Cole but upon the sense of safety and security of society as a whole. While, obviously, Officer Cole’s family has been devastated by this defendants actions, society, too, has been injured by him as well. Under no circumstances should this defendant be granted any early release. He was originally sentenced to an early death in prison, now he is sentenced to life in prison. Life, especially when the sentence was originally death, should mean life. Any early release of this defendant would be a slap to the face of every police officer and other law enforcement agent that risk their lives on a daily basis just to make sure that no one else has to.

London Correctional Institution
Aggravated Murder
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