Wendell Drake

Defendant, along with several other companions, planned and murdered an innocent Xavier University student, who was in the recreation room with other students at the time that the defendant and his associates broke in upon them. The defendant pointed a rifle from a crouched position and shot and killed the victim who did nothing to encourage the defendant's murderous act. 

Defendant and his associates planned the murder and robbery. Defendant was the one who carried the rifle and the one who crouched down and shot the student whose only crime was the fact that he had been working and was a freshman in college at the time. Defendant, after shooting the victim, immediately reloaded his rifle and pointed it at other students who were ordered to lie on the ground so the co-defendants could rob them. In addition to this offense, the defendant was involved in other aggravated murders

Chilllicothe Correctional Institution
Aggravated Robbery
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