Pending Hearings Cincinnati

Pending Hearings

The Office of Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney is vigorously opposing parole of the inmates listed below, and solicits public comment.

Name and Offense Admitted Sentence Min/Max Next Eligibility Hearing
Randall McDonaldAggravated Murder 6/12/1978 LIFE/LIFE 9/29/2017
Denise GravesMurder 1/23/1995 15 YEARS/LIFE 9/29/2017
Frank A. Foster
Aggravated Murder
Aggravated Robbery
12/10/1990 27 YEARS/LIFE 9/29/2017
Tony Welch
Gross Sexual Imposition
7/20/1999 10 YEARS/25 YEARS 9/29/2017
Andre Stockton
Aggravated Arson
Aggravated Murder
Aggravated Robbery
4/25/1979 LIFE/LIFE 9/30/2017
Kenneth Waybright
Felonious Assault
Gross Sexual Imposition
2/6/1989 60 YEARS/LIFE 10/30/2017
Robert McDonaldRape 1/7/1987 LIFE/LIFE 12/30/2017
Stephen G. ChanceyMurder 4/16/2003 15 YEARS/LIFE 12/30/2017