PRESS RELEASE, 3/21/2017

Hamilton County Prosecutor announces no charges against officers in officer involved shooting and the indictment of Damion Mcrae

Today, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters announced that no charges would be filed against the officers in the March 12th officer involved shooting at 2651 Gilbert Avenue in Walnut Hills. 

Cincinnati Police were called to the apartment building on Gilbert Avenue at approximately 12:13 AM, regarding a domestic violence incident at 2651 Gilbert Avenue.   Officer Kenneth Grubbs and Officer William Keuper, who were riding together as partners, arrived at the scene.  As the officers entered the courtyard, Officer Grubbs attempted to stop Damion McRae who matched the description given by the caller.  The suspect approached the officer with a 9mm rifle concealed at his side and shot Officer Grubbs.   Officer Grubbs was struck in the lower abdominal region and fell to the ground.  Although shot, Officer Grubbs was able to return fire as he fell.

Officer Keuper, who was walking behind and to the side of Officer Grubbs, saw his partner get shot and immediately began returning fire at the suspect, who was hit and fell to the ground.  Damion McRae continued to reach into his pockets despite police orders to the contrary.   McRae discarded a loaded 22 caliber revolver.  He was then placed into custody.

Both McRae and Officer Grubbs were transported to University Hospital Medical Center for treatment.  Officer Grubbs suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

McRae has now been indicted on 1 count of Attempted Murder (Felony 1), 2 counts of Felonious Assault (Felony 2), 2 counts of Weapon Under Disability (Felony 3), 1 count of Carrying Concealed Weapon (Felony 4) and 1 count of Assault (Misdemeanor 1).  The Attempted Murder and Felonious Assault charges contain gun specifications. If convicted of all charges, McRae faces the possibility of over 20 years in prison.

Prosecutor Deters stated today that depending on the investigation, a second Attempted Murder charge may be sought for the defendant’s actions on Officer Keuper.

After a review of the case by the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office, the police officers will face no charges in this matter.   A portion of the officers’ body camera videos will be released today to the media.

Cincinnati Police Chief Isaac commented, “We are grateful for the safety of our two officers in this violent confrontation.  Their brave action demonstrated courage under fire, amazing restraint, and is a true testament to their training.  We will work closely with the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s office to ensure Mr. McRae is held accountable for this heinous act to the fullest extent of the law.”

Prosecutor Deters commented, “This is another example of officers simply doing their job yet putting their lives at risk.  When they responded to this call, they had no way to know that an armed assassin was waiting for them.  Fortunately, their training and judgment saved them and both police officers are alive today.  Their actions were entirely appropriate and commendable and no charges would even be considered against them.  McRae, however, faces some of the most serious charges allowed by Ohio law.”