Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters, Cincinnati Assistant Police Chief David Bailey and FOP President Sgt. Dan Hils hold a press conference to oppose parole of Roland Reaves

Roland Reaves is scheduled for a release hearing in March, 2017. Reaves is currently serving a life sentence following his conviction for the 1974 Aggravated Murder of Cincinnati Police Officer David Cole.

On 7/16/1974, Reaves and co-defendant Ricardo Woods robbed a United Dairy Farmers convenience store on Florence Avenue in Walnut Hills. When police arrived to investigate the robbery, Reaves and Woods repeatedly shot Officer David Cole.

Reaves was originally sentenced to death. His sentence was reduced to life in prison when Ohio’s death penalty statute was briefly found unconstitutional.

Woods was released on parole in 1994.

Prosecutor Deters commented, “Reaves’ release would be an absolute tragedy for the Cole family and the community as a whole. He was sentenced to life in prison. Life means life. Not thirty years or so. I urge the community to contact the Ohio Parole Authority to prevent his possible release. Woods was released on parole because the Parole Authority did not notify my office or the community of his possible release. We do not want that to happen to Reaves. Community outrage will get the attention of the Parole Authority.”

To contact the Ohio Parole Board, go to, click on “Parole Watch” and then click on the defendant’s name. Follow the directions to email comments to the Ohio Parole Board. Comments can also be mailed to the address listed below:

In Re: Roland A. Reaves A14082700                                                                                               
Ohio Parole Board
Adult Parole Authority
770 West Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio 43222-1419