Location Madison Correctional Institution
Offenses Murder
Sentence Min/Max LIFE/LIFE
Date Admitted 12/13/2006
Next Eligibility Hearing Date 08/29/2020
On September 21, 2005, defendant Charles Finley babysat his girlfriend’s son, one year old Christopher Beck, Jr. Christopher was healthy, happy and strong until he was placed in Finley’s care. In the few hours that Finley was alone with Christopher, Christopher’s condition abruptly changed. Christopher was severely beaten, suffered repeated blunt trauma, and died.

The doctors at Children’s Hospital knew that Christopher’s death was not an accident because of the severity of his injuries. The police were informed of this. Christopher’s body was released to the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office for an autopsy.

The autopsy revealed that Christopher suffered extensive injuries over his entire body. The most severe injuries were to his head where he suffered a severe fracture to the right side of the skull and other blunt injuries to the head that caused fractures, bruising and brain hemorrhaging. These injuries were too severe to have been caused by a fall or from a child falling out of bed. These injuries were caused by significant impact analogous to a swing of a baseball bat. Most likely, these injuries occurred while Christopher’s head was moving and struck a sharp, fixed object.

Evidence showed that Christopher suffered contusions to his spine, neck, chest, buttocks, both thighs, and both arms. On his right buttock, Christopher suffered a bite mark. Expert testimony revealed that the bite mark was made by Finley. And there was evidence that Christopher may have been shaken. These injuries were fresh and were most likely inflicted within two hours of Christopher’s death.

Finley’s vicious rage has earned him every single day of his life sentence. He should never be granted any type of release from prison

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