Location Chillicothe Correctional Institution
Offenses Aggravated Murder, Rape
Sentence Min/Max LIFE/LIFE
Date Admitted 04/15/1977
Next Eligibility Hearing Date 02/28/2020

The First District Court of Appeals best summed up what happened to this young woman as an "extraordinary display of sadistic cruelty which ended in death." As has been detailed to you in the past, Clay and his co-defendants not only murdered their victim, but spent hours torturing her to death. Beyond being raped, she was also beaten and kicked. She was stabbed with forks. She had the sharp end of a coat hanger shoved into her ear. She was sprayed in the face with Raid. She was held under water. She was doused with bleach. While begging them to stop and to summon an ambulance, she was told that she was going to be killed and her body cut into pieces.

And why was all of this done? Because the she refused to prostitute herself

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