Pending Hearings

The Office of Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney is vigorously opposing parole of the inmates listed below, and solicits public comment.

Contact Information:
Scott Heenan
(513) 946-3227
Fax: (513) 946-3021

Next Eligibility Hearing
Roy Tate| Jr. Aggravated Arson
Aggravated Murder
04/02/1987 20 YEARS/LIFE 09/30/2019
Larry V. Brown Attempted Rape
Felonious Sexual Penetration
03/27/1992 LIFE/LIFE 09/30/2019
Ronnie Craddock Rape
06/03/2013 10 YEARS/50 YEARS 09/30/2019
Christophe E Holley Aggravated Burglary
Aggravated Robbery
09/19/1989 15 YEARS/100 YEARS 10/30/2019
Frederic A Matthews IV Murder
05/24/1990 15 YEARS/LIFE 10/31/2019
Robert L. Parker Attempted Burglary
Attempted Rape
02/10/1986 13 YEARS/50 YEARS 11/30/2019
Adrian Williams Involuntary Manslaughter
12/15/1982 14 Years/50 Years 02/28/2020

Let your voice be heard.

Early release from prison is currently being considered by the Ohio Adult Parole Authority for the following violent offenders, whose crimes were committed in Hamilton County.

If you would like your views to be heard in favor of or against parole, you may e-mail your comments from this site by clicking on an offender’s name. This information is not a public record pursuant to Ohio law and will not be released by the Ohio Parole Authority

If you would prefer to send a written letter to the Ohio Parole Board, mail your letter to the following address. YOU MUST INCLUDE THE INMATE NAME AND INMATE NUMBER IN YOUR CORRESPONDENCE.

Ohio Parole Board
Adult Parole Authority
770 West Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio 43222-1419