Location Noble Correctional Institution
Offenses Abuse of a Corpse, Murder
Sentence Min/Max 16 YEARS/LIFE
Date Admitted 03/13/2007
Next Eligibility Hearing Date 07/29/2022
In 2007, Liz and David Carroll were convicted for the August 2006 murder of their 3-year-old foster son, Marcus Fiesel. Prior to leaving town for a family reunion, the Carrolls bound and wrapped Marcus and locked him in a hot closet in their Clermont County home, without food or water. Upon their return days later, Marcus was dead. The Carrolls took Marcus’ body to a remote location in Brown County and burned his remains. That which wouldn’t burn, was thrown into the Ohio River.

Liz Carroll then reported to police that Marcus had gone missing while playing at a park in Anderson Township. The same day Marcus went missing, David Carroll gave media interviews praying that his foster son would be found.

Weeks after searching for Marcus, Amy Baker, who lived with the Carrolls, told authorities what the Carrolls had done.

Liz Carroll was convicted by a Clermont County jury and sentenced to 54 years in prison.

Subsequently, David Carroll pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 15-years-to-life in prison.

David Carroll will have his first parole hearing in July of 2022.

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