Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office

The Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is dedicated to effectively representing the citizens of Hamilton County, its governmental agencies and elected officials as authorized by the laws of the state of Ohio.

Criminal Nonsupport

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
Ernest Lee
(513) 946-3234
Fax : (513) 946-3210

The Criminal Non-Support Division prosecutes non-custodial parents who are seriously delinquent on their court ordered financial obligations to support their children.  These felony prosecutions are the result of the full-time efforts of two assistant prosecuting attorneys, an investigator and a victim’s advocate, all of whom assist the custodial parent’s efforts to receive the financial support their child is due after most civil remedies have failed.

The Criminal Non-Support Division accepts direct referrals from custodial parents and from the Child Support Enforcement Agency for felony prosecution.  The goal of the Criminal Non-Support Division is to seek justice for the child and custodial parent through the felony court system, which can administer the appropriate punishment for the non-custodial parent’s failure to comply with their legal obligation to support their children.  Punishment can range from court ordered restitution administered by the Hamilton County Probation Department to incarceration in the Ohio Department of Corrections.