Location London Correctional Institution
Offenses Aggravated Burglary, Aggravated Murder
Sentence Min/Max 30 YEARS/LIFE
Date Admitted 01/20/1993
Next Eligibility Hearing Date 08/30/2019
Earl Hart forced his way into 93-year-old Anna Steffin’s home. Once inside, he tied Steffin to her bed and forced a gag into her mouth. When her body was found, her shirt was pushed up and her pants were down, which made it appear that she had been raped.

Unfortunately, her death was not discovered for at least two weeks. It is believed that she died on August 12th, but her body was not found under August 28th. Over this time, her body had decayed to the point that the coroner could not determine if she had been sexually assaulted.

The coroner could tell that she died from mechanical asphyxiation, but the decay prevented him from determining whether she asphyxiated from the gag that was shoved in her mouth or from Hart choking her to death.

For some time, the police had no suspect in this matter. They were, however, able to lift prints from inside the home.

Three months later, the police learned that Randall Kennebreuw might know something about the murder. He told the police about how he and another man that he did not know had been looking for work. They drove to a neighboring house hoping to secure some work, but were unable to do so. Kennebreuw said he did not want to go to Steffin’s house for work because he owed her money. He said the other man, however, did approach her home.

Kennebreuw was arrested on unrelated charges. While he was in jail, he saw the other man and told homicide detectives about him. That man was Earl Hart. Hart denied involvement, but further investigation showed that the usable prints found in Steffin’s home all matched Hart.

Hart murdered and possibly raped a 93-year-old woman. For his vicious and senseless crimes, he has earned every day of his life sentence. Hart should never be allowed out of prison. Parole should, therefore, be denied

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