Location Grafton Correctional Institution
Offenses Murder
Sentence Min/Max 15 YEARS/LIFE
Date Admitted 04/02/1997
Next Eligibility Hearing Date 03/30/2020
Our records indicate that this defendant is serving a sentence of 18 years to LIFE following a conviction for Murder with a Gun Specification.

Edward Smith shot and killed a man over a financial dispute. Smith was a contractor who, rightfully or wrongfully, felt that Eugene Jenkins owed him money. The two were seen arguing in a truck. Shortly thereafter, witnesses saw Smith nervously fleeing from the truck and Jenkins dying body in the truck.

While the undersigned cannot say whether Jenkins owed Smith anything, the records in the state’s possession showed that Smith had a serious gambling problem. On at least one occasion, he swindled a person into buying a truck from him and, after being paid, used a spare set of keys to take the truck and to sell it a second time.

Smith had money problems and was not shy to resorting to criminal acts to make those problems go away. Ultimately, those money problems led him to shooting Jenkins twice. At this time, Smith has served the absolute minimum sentence allowed for his crime. His cold, callous taking of another life over money would be demeaned by granting him parole so soon. As such, the state is opposed to any form of early release until he has served a substantial period of time in prison.

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