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Melissa A. Powers, Hamilton County Prosecutor, has dedicated her career in public service to keeping the most vulnerable members of our community safe, including older adults who may be the victims of fraud, scams or other crimes. Prosecutor Powers created Hamilton County’s first Elder Justice Unit in 2023, with a team of experienced and dedicated attorneys and professionals who assist in prosecuting crimes against the elderly and help facilitate connections to community resources and supports for victims and their families. The Prosecutor’s Office is proud to have formed partnerships with public and private agencies to deliver a full continuum of quality services that safeguard seniors and dependent adults in Hamilton County.

If you have any questions about a crime against an elderly person, please call the Elder Justice Unit helpline at 513.946.SCAM (7226).

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The National Council on Aging estimates that 1 in 10 Americans over the age of 60 have experienced elder abuse.

Elder Justice Unit Overview2023-07-17T12:57:43-04:00

The Elder Justice Unit was established to protect senior citizens from fraud, scams and financial exploitation. Too many of our Hamilton County seniors have suffered significant financial harm and emotional trauma from scams. Unfortunately, these crimes are under-reported because the elderly victims are often too embarrassed to make a report or tell anyone.

Our team of highly skilled attorneys and professionals work closely with Adult Protective Services and law enforcement agencies to fight fraud by identifying, investigating and prosecuting offenders when appropriate while also connecting these seniors to community services and supports. Our team, including our public and private partners, will work tirelessly to identify emerging scams and disrupt technology and other methods used to prey on vulnerable seniors.

If you, your loved one or someone you know has been a victim of a scam, fraud or financial exploitation, you can call 513-946-SCAM(7226) for assistance.

Reporting Elder Abuse or Neglect Or Exploitation2023-07-17T12:58:18-04:00

Crimes against older adults are underestimated and underreported.  You can help.

  • If you believe the elder person is in immediate danger call 911.
  • Cases of suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation should be reported to Hamilton County Adult Protective Services @ 513-421-LIFE (5433) or click here to File a Abuse/Neglect (Adult Protection Services APS) online complaint with Adult Protective Services.
  • Contact your local law enforcement agency if you believe an elder person has been the victim of fraud, financial exploitation or any other crime.  (Local Police Agencies link) 
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Information regarding all of the programs and services available to Seniors in Hamilton County

Independent living services.

Evictions/Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Nursing home complaints


Reporting Elder Abuse/Neglect/Financial Exploitation 

Elder Abuse Definitions2023-07-17T13:05:00-04:00
  1. Physical Abuse – means one person intentionally hurts another through physical force. This can include hitting, slapping, pinching or other acts that cause physical pain or injury.
  1. Sexual Abuse-means someone is forced into a sexual or intimate situation by another person. This can include rape, unwanted sexual contact or talk, forced to be naked or partial undressed, and forced to do sexual or intimate acts in front of another.
  1. Emotional Abuse – means to threaten, humiliate, intimidate, or psychologically harm an adult by words or actions. This can include insults, threats, intimidation, being placed in humiliating situations, violating privacy and ignoring an individual’s rights to make their own decisions.
  1. Neglect or Isolation– means a vulnerable adult’s basic needs are not being met placing them at higher risk for getting sick or hurt. This can be the result of the person’s own choices (self-neglect) or due to the actions or inactions of someone or a caregiver who is supposed to help meet their needs (neglect by others).
  1. Financial Exploitation – means the use of an older adult’s money, information or belongings for that person’s personal benefit. This can include stealing money, selling or trading their property, keeping money and property away from the older adult, accessing bank accounts, using credit cards or targeting them in a scam.  A vulnerable adult can be exploited by a stranger or someone they know and trust.
  1. Emergency – means that the adult is living in conditions which present a substantial risk or immediate and irreparable harm or death to self or any other person.

For more information on elder abuse, neglect or exploitation, see https://aging.ohio.gov/care-and-living/get-help/elder-justice/elder-abuse-neglect-and-exploitation-1

Elder Justice Awareness/Education Publications2023-07-17T13:00:50-04:00


Fraud/Scam/Identity Theft

Aging in General


Useful Links2023-07-17T13:02:49-04:00
AARP A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that empowers people to choose how they live as they age 877-908-3360 https://www.aarp.org
Alzheimer’s Association Helpline Offers confidential support and information to people living the the disease 800-272-3900 https://www.alz.org/help-support/resources/helpline
Much More Than a Meal Provides services for older adults, including transportation and home delivered meals 513-721-4330 https://www.muchmorethanameal.org
Council on Aging of SW Ohio Coordinates and administers local, state and federally funded programs and services for older adults 800-252-0155 https://www.help4seniors.org
Hamilton County JFS Report abuse, neglect, financial exploitation 513-421-5433 https://www.hcjfs.org
Help With My Bank Established to help you find answers to our questions regarding national bank and federal savings associations. 800-613-6743 https://www.helpwithmybank.gov
ProSeniors Long-term Care Ombudsman Provides older adults with resources, navigation and legal services 800-488-6070 https://www.proseniors.org
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