Location Marion Correctional Institution
Offenses Armed Robbery, Felonious Assault, Kidnapping, Rape, Sodomy
Sentence Min/Max 30/100 Years
Date Admitted 07/11/1979
Next Eligibility Hearing Date 03/30/2023

Our records indicate that Correa is serving a sentence of 21 to 75 years following his Hamilton County convictions for 3 counts of Kidnapping, 1 count of Rape and 1 count of Felonious Assault in the above case number. Correa was also convicted in Franklin County of 1 count of Sodomy and 2 counts of Armed Robbery, for which he received a sentence of 10 to 25 years. The sentences from Franklin County and Hamilton County are to run consecutively for an aggregate sentence of 31-100 years.

Correa was also the indicted in Kentucky for 3 counts of Unlawful Imprisonment, 2 counts of Sodomy, 2 counts of Sexual Abuse, 1 count of Indecent Exposure, and 1 count of being a Persistent Felon. He entered into a plea agreement and was convicted of 1 count of Sodomy and being a Persistent Felon. He was sentenced to 20 years. Correa’s record also shows that there is outstanding charge of Armed Robbery out of Boston, Massachusetts as well.

Correa is the epitome of a violent, sexual predator. In just the known cases from Kentucky and Hamilton County, he targeted 8 young women for attack. The facts show he planned out his attacks, refined his method, and targeted a vulnerable population. At the time that he committed his crimes in Hamilton County he had been early released from his Franklin County convictions. He had only served 3.5 years of a 10 to 25 year sentence when he was released early and started terrorizing the young women of Hamilton County.

On April 18th, at approximately 0615 hrs, 23 year-old E.H. was waiting for her morning bus to take her to work when Correa approached her with a knife. He told her he had a gun and that he would shoot her if she tried to resist. He then grabbed her around the waist and started to drag her away from the bus stop. E.H. resisted and managed to get away, but no before Correa cut her with the knife.

His next victim, which we know of, was one of the young women in Kentucky. In that incident, on June 26th, he forced B.S. “to engage in deviate sexual intercourse by threatening to kill her with a pistol.” The term “deviate sexual intercourse" means any act of sexual gratification involving the sex organs of one person and the mouth or anus of another; or penetration of the anus of one person by any body part or a foreign object manipulated by another person. At the time, the charge was known as Sodomy, but under the modern statute, his actions would be punishable as forcible Rape.

Correa returned to Hamilton County, and on the night of July 19th, he targeted, stalked and attacked two 13 year-old girls on their way home. They had just separated when L.C. went into her house and M.M. was walking the 1 block further to her house when Correa walked up to her and asked for directions. After M.M. stopped to help him, Correa pulled out a pistol and demanded to know where her friend was. He had been following them, but had not seen them separate. At gunpoint, he walked her over to L.C.’s house and M.M. got her to come outside. Correa then forced both of them at gunpoint into a secluded area behind an apartment building where he ordered them to undress. He then forced them to engage in sexual acts with each other as he fondled them. He continually threatened to blow their heads off if they did not comply. He told them he had just escaped from jail, and the police were already looking for him so it didn’t matter what he did to them.

Correa then went back down to Kentucky and on July 25th, he Unlawfully Restrained (Kidnapped) three young women for sexual purposes. He committed Sodomy (Rape) against L.H. and forced K.W. and R.H. to have sexual contact with him at gunpoint.

On the night of September 1st, Correa was back in Hamilton County lying in wait in the parking lot of an apartment building when M.F. was dropped off by a friend. She spotted Correa in the area, but did not think anything of it when he approached her and asked for directions. Correa then pulled his pistol and forced her to a secluded area. Once there, he made her take off her clothes and masturbate for him. He fondled her breasts and made her fondle him. Once finished, he had her put her clothes back on and then threatened to kill her if she told anyone.

Two weeks later, 14 year-old K.H. walking home from a school dance when Correa attacked her. Her school was only a few blocks away and she felt safe in her quiet neighborhood. That all changed when Correa pulled his car over next her. Keeping with proven method, he got K.H. to stop by asking her for directions. Young and trusting, she did not suspect what would happen when he got out of his car and approached her. She started to answer, but stopped when he pulled out his pistol and put it against her. He ordered her into a nearby wooded area. K.H. remembers shaking with fear and Correa threatening to kill her if she did not stop shaking. He forced her to undress, then raped and sodomized her.

Once he was finished, he started walking her back to his car with the gun pressed against her back. It seemed that Correa was going to escalate his crimes even further, and take her with him, but fortunately he was prevented from this. He had illegally parked when he stopped to abduct her and a neighbor had reported the vehicle to police who had arrived on the scene. Seeing that he couldn’t return to his car, Correa held the gun to K.H. and ordered her back into the wooded area. He then forced her into a thorn bush and told her he would kill her if she told anybody what he did. She stayed there crying for a while when he left, before staggering to a neighbor’s house for help.

It is not known how many other young women Correa terrorized. Police suspect there were dozens of other victims they will never know about. What is known is that if Correa had not been granted early release from his violent and sexual offenses in Franklin County, he would not have been able to victimize those 8 young women in Hamilton County and Kentucky. Correa has already been given a second chance and he should not be given a third. Everett Correa is the worst type of violent, sexual predator and he deserves to serve every day of the maximum possible sentence. The Hamilton County Prosecutors Office strongly opposes early release for Everett Correa.

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