Location Warren Correctional Institution
Offenses Aggravated Robbery, Kidnapping
Sentence Min/Max 15 YEARS/50 YEARS
Date Admitted 11/26/1989
Next Eligibility Hearing Date 08/30/2021

On May 17, 1989, the defendant saw Mrs. Mary Ruehlman, wife of Common Pleas Judge Robert Ruehlman, and their five month old daughter shopping at the Western Hills Photo and Hobby Store in Cincinnati. While they were inside the store, the defendant snuck into their unlocked van and waited to prey on his unsuspecting victims. His plan was to kidnap, rape and kill Mrs. Ruehlman. When the victim returned to her van, the defendant pistol whipped her over the top of her head, choked her and demanded that she drive away. The defendant warned the victim that his 38 caliber revolver was loaded and he would shoot them. Mrs. Ruehlman drove her vehicle until it was closer to other people. She then quickly grabbed her child and jumped out of the minivan saving both their lives.

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