Location Warren Correctional Institution
Offenses Rape
Sentence Min/Max LIFE/LIFE
Date Admitted 02/26/1977
Next Eligibility Hearing Date 02/28/2021

Frank Eckler repeatedly raped his step-sister from the time that she was four years old ? forcing both oral and vaginal intercourse on her. These rapes continued until the victim was able to cry out for help when she was eight years old. The rapes occurred so many times that the defendant had lost count. The typical rape would occur when Eckler would take the child to his room, forcibly remove her clothes and ?put his private in my private? according to the words of the young victim. When confronted, Eckler ?justified? his repeated rapes by blaming the young victim. He later claimed that he raped out of vengeance. In addition to his rapes, the defendant has violent tendencies and has a history of abusing animals. He enjoys inflicting pain on other people simply to see how they will respond to it. For example he once burned the skin off another of his siblings with a curling iron. This defendant is an extraordinary danger to society. He enjoys inflicting pain on others. He was sentenced to life for a reason, and this office agrees that he should spend the remainder of his life incarcerated.

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