Location Mansfield Correctional Institution
Offenses Murder
Sentence Min/Max 15 YEARS/LIFE
Date Admitted 02/14/1994
Next Eligibility Hearing Date 06/25/2023
Fred Stanley brutally murdered Thelma Beck by stabbing her multiple times on her chest, abdomen, thigh and neck. Mrs. Beck was an elderly woman, who needed the assistance of a walker in order to move about. She had broken her hip and relied on others to help her with everyday tasks. Stanley was an acquaintance of Mrs. Beck's, as he had done some work around her house. Stanley told police that, on the day of the murder, he had performed chores for Mrs. Beck. Mrs. Beck expressed displeasure with Stanley=s work, so he attacked and killed her. Aside from the stab wounds, Mrs. Beck also sustained bruising to her head and lips, as well as three broken ribs.

Due to the brutality of this crime and the fact that Stanley attacked an extremely vulnerable woman in her own home, it is the position of this office that Stanley serve a life term in prison.

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