Location Marion Correctional Institution
Offenses Aggravated Burglary, Attempted Murder, Burglary, Murder
Sentence Min/Max 46 YEARS/LIFE
Date Admitted 09/13/1995
Next Eligibility Hearing Date 08/30/2021
Deanna Louderback met Gary Heath in 1992 and married him the following year. Louderback had been successfully in a variety of businesses and owned and managed a number of bars. Heath, on the other hand, did some remodeling work that he quit a month after the marriage. He spent the rest of their marriage living off of Louderback’s work.

Around the same time he quit his job, Heath began beating Louderback. The beatings occurred almost daily. At one point, the abuse became so bad that Louderback pulled a gun she kept to protect the large quantities of cash she moved from the bars on Heath. Shortly after that, in 1994, Louderback had enough and filed for divorce. This enraged Heath.

On one occasion, Heath took Louderback’s truck. On another he pulled a knife on her. One night he showed up at one of her bars that she was at and informed a customer, “a bitch like that, you got to shoot her.”

Shortly after that, Heath called Louderback and told her that she didn’t have a home to go back to. When she got to her home it was in shambles. Paint and paint thinner had been poured on all of her clothes and anything of value had been tampered with or outright destroyed. While the police were taking a report, Heath called Louderback and told her, “see what I’ve done, you’re next.” He also left a note in the house saying he was going to get her. He informed her that he would kill her on her birthday.

Less than a week later, on her birthday, Louderback was at one of the bars gathering up cash to take to Columbus to renew a liquor license. From this, she had $4,000 on her. Heath showed up at the bar, pulled a gun on her, and told her she was going to talk to him whether she wanted to or not. He hit her and then told her that he was not going to let her divorce him. He continued hitting her until she fell over in the back office. Heath then put a chair over her neck, kneeled next to her, and placed the gun to her head. As she struggled to free herself, he looked straight into her face and shot her. He then stood up and kicked her while calling her a “bitch and a bar whore.” He then left her to die and, on the way out, took the $4,000 out of her purse.

Louderback was unable to move. Fortunately, a vendor found her soon after she had been shot and she was transported by aircare to University Hospital. Part of her brain had to be removed to remove the bullet and to save her life. The injuries left Louderback’s right arm, hand, and foot paralyzed; unable to walk; with difficultly speaking; her left eye unable to move; and she lost the ability to produce tears. The bullet left an indentation in her head. She lost the ability to care for herself.

Alarmingly, this was not the first time Heath had done something like this. In 1991, he got into an argument with the woman he had been married to after she started to divorce him and he stabbed her with scissors. He, of course, claimed both incidents were nothing more than accidents that were instigated by his victims.

I am aware that Heath is serving a life sentence for a murder out of Warren County. I am not, however, aware of the underlying facts of that case. Suffice to say, that added to the violence that Heath displayed in this case only reinforces the State’s belief that Heath should never set foot outside of prison.

Given how violent and dangerous Heath is, he should spend the rest of his life in prison. The State, therefore, opposes granting him any type of early release whatsoever.

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