Location Richland Correctional Institution
Offenses Aggravated Murder, Aggravated Robbery
Sentence Min/Max 23 YEARS/LIFE
Date Admitted 01/24/2000
Next Eligibility Hearing Date 07/30/2023
Approximately two weeks before his murder, someone broke in Curtis Smith’s house. Smith believed it was Scott and confronted him about the break in. Scott professed his innocence, and Curtis threatened him if he found out Scott was lying. The two parted ways.

The next time they interacted was when Scott knocked on Curtis’ door. When Curtis answered the door Scott pointed a loaded pistol at him and pulled the trigger. The weapon misfired. Curtis began yelling at him to stop messing around and ran out of the house. Scott gave chase. As they ran into a nearby alley, Scott managed to clear the malfunction with his pistol, pointed it at Curtis and unloaded the remaining 6 shots into him.

Leaving a trail of blood, Curtis staggered back into his house. Scott calmly followed him in the house and locked the door behind them. Scott shoved the staggering Curtis to the floor, where he laid crying and praying for his life. Scott ignored his pleas and began searching the house in the hopes of finding money or drugs. He ransacked the house for 15-20 minutes as Curtis lay dying. Not satisfied, Scott then decided to search Curtis himself. He rifled through his pockets, searched through his shoes, and even pulled down his pants to search through his underwear. All this happened while Curtis was begging for his life and bleeding to death. Scott then left through the back door.

Officers responding to a “shots fired” call found shell casings and blood in the alley. They followed the trail of blood to Curtis’ door and discovered his body. When officer caught up with Scott the next day he had already gotten rid of the murder weapon and acquired a new pistol. Scott admitted that he went to Curtis’ house that night with the intention of killing him and searching his house for drugs and money.

Due to his age at the time of the murder, Scott could not be sentenced to Life without the possibility of parole, but that does not mean he should be released at the first opportunity. Scott has only barely served the minimum of his sentence, and the callous manner in which just watched Curtis die demands more than the minimum. Scott deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison. The Hamilton County Prosecutors Office strongly opposes early release for Gregory Scott.

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