Today, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters announced the conviction of Douglas Ford for Domestic Violence (F3). At sentencing, Ford will face a maximum punishment of 3 years in prison.

On December 13, 2020, Mt. Healthy police responded to the scene on Perry Street for reports made by the victim’s children of domestic trouble. When the officer approached the residence, she heard Ford tell the victim, “Are you ready to die, bitch?” The officer immediately gained entry into the home and witnessed part of the assault.

On March 25, 2021, Assistant Prosecutor, K.C. Fischer, was able to secure a conviction against Mr. Ford without the victim’s cooperation.

Ford has a history of violent assaults, including a Felonious Assault conviction in 2005 – for which he served 5 years in prison, Weapons Under Disability, Robbery, and two prior Domestic Violence convictions.

Despite his record, Ford was out on an OR bond pending trial, and failed to appear in court for the last day of trial. A warrant was issued for his arrest. This weekend, the defendant was arrested in Camden County, Georgia, and is pending extradition back to Hamilton County.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters commented, “I am thankful for the Mt. Healthy police officer’s quick response; because of it, we were able to go to trial without the testimony of the victim. I am also proud of the work of my assistant prosecutor, who tenaciously pursued the case against this violent man and brought him to justice.

There are many reasons why domestic violence victims refuse to cooperate with the process – which can make these cases difficult to prosecute. But it is important, not only to our victims, but for the safety of the community, that when we can proceed without the victim, we do so.”