Today, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters announced the indictment of Marc Henderson (DOB 9/30/98). Henderson was indicted for two counts of Aggravated Murder (SF) and two counts of Murder (SF). If convicted on all charges, Henderson faces the maximum possible sentence of life in prison.

On March 6, 2022, Henderson shot and killed Richard Kelsay (DOB 9/11/94) and David Francy (DOB 7/5/74) in separate shootings. After obtaining drugs from Kelsay earlier in the night, the defendant returned to Kelsay’s home on Sidney Road in Green Township under the guise of purchasing more drugs from the victim. Henderson waited for the victim to return home. When Kelsay arrived, Henderson pulled an AR-15 style rifle out of his jacket and shot the victim multiple times.

After shooting Kelsay, Henderson fled the scene and drove to Northside in the City of Cincinnati, where he intended to meet David Francy. Upon arriving, Francy let Henderson into his apartment building. When Francy turned to walk into his unit, Henderson removed the same AR-15 style rifle and shot Francy multiple times.

Henderson then returned to his home on Hillside Avenue in Delhi Township where he called 911 to report he was possibly overdosing on drugs.

When Delhi Township Police responded to the scene, Henderson was wearing a bullet-proof vest with ammunition in plain view.

Through their investigation, Delhi Police were able connect Henderson to the homicides of Kelsay and Francy. It was also determined that Henderson believed the suspects had given him tainted drugs.

Hamilton County Prosecutor oe Deters commented, “I’m thankful to the Green and Delhi Township Police Departments, as well as the Cincinnati Police Department. It is because of their hard work that this case was solved so quickly preventing anyone else from being hurt.

These crimes were targeted, preplanned murders. This night of chaos was a direct result of drug use. The use and sale of street drugs in our communities makes us all less safe.”