On December 9, 2020, the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office announced that no charges would be filed in the November 19, 2020 shooting at the Mages Grocery store located at 3316 Glenway Avenue.

Since then, Fanon Rucker, a civil attorney representing the family of Dashawn Tye, has made numerous, false statements regarding this decision.

Prosecutor Deters commented, “It is unfortunate that politics has to enter every aspect of public life.  It is even more disappointing that a member of the legal community would make these kinds of accusations without knowing all the facts.

Here are the facts.

On August 8, 2020 a man, unknown to the store owner, entered the store, produced a silver semi-automatic handgun, and demanded money.  When the store owner refused, the suspect stated, ‘I’ll be back’.  The suspect fled in a blue Chevy Blazer.  The store owner immediately called police and provided a description matching Tye.  Police investigation later determined Dashawn Tye is the owner of a blue Chevy Blazer.  Tye’s father told the police he had given him a handgun around this time.

On November 14, 2020, Tye made good on his promise to return.  Tye entered the store and immediately walked to the cash register.  Tye shoved the store owner against the wall, assaulted him, and demanded he open the register, or he would kill him.  Tye took $400 and fled.  This time, a witness was entering the store as Tye was fleeing.  The store owner told the witness he had just been robbed, and witness attempted to chase Tye.  The witness observed Tye take off his coat and throw it to the ground as he was fleeing.  Tye’s DNA was found on that coat.  The store owner was clear this was the same person who robbed him in August.  Video from a nearby home shows Tye walking into the store and subsequently fleeing from the witness.  Tye’s family identified Tye from still-shots of the video.

On November 19, 2020, Tye returned a third time.  Video from a nearby home shows Tye’s blue Chevy Blazer drive by the store and park around the corner.  A customer was in the store, so Tye walked past.  Once the customer left, Tye came back towards the store.  The store owner, still bruised from his last encounter with Tye, attempted to lock the door as Tye approached but was unsuccessful.  Tye entered the store and backed the owner into a corner.  This time, the owner was able to defend himself.  He pulled his gun and shot Tye.  Tye fled the store but collapsed from his injuries on Purcell Avenue.

This is an incredibly sad situation.  Tye’s family is grieving, and a store owner’s life is changed forever.   It is shameful that Rucker has used this tragic incident as a chance to divide our community by race and politics.

His client attempted to rob this store on three occasions (once with a firearm).

There are legitimate problems facing our community.  Raising bogus, racially motivated claims (without evidence) directed to a store owner and the justice system is not helpful.

I know it’s not the popular narrative of the day, but we are all Americans.  I have never forgotten that.”