Today, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters issued the following statement on the matter of former Judge Tracie Hunter:

“My office provides legal representation for the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas judges.  When allegations of potential criminal conduct arose against former Judge Tracie Hunter, I realized that I had a conflict and requested the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas appoint other lawyers to review the allegations against her and decide if criminal charges were appropriate.

Special prosecutors were appointed by the Common Pleas Court and handled the case from grand jury forward. I have no connection to her criminal case and no ability to impact the proceedings.

The special prosecutors went to the Hamilton County Grand Jury and Tracie Hunter was indicted.  She went to trial and was convicted.  Her conviction was upheld by the First District Court of Appeals.  Her conviction was upheld by the Ohio Supreme Court.  She then went to the federal court where her conviction was upheld.

Quite frankly, it is incredibly disturbing that someone who was a Common Pleas Judge does not understand the system.   I had nothing to do with the prosecution of former Judge Hunter.”