Today, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters commented on the Ohio Supreme Court’s unanimous decision to uphold the conviction of serial killer Anthony Kirkland.

Prosecutor Deters commented,” I am pleased that the Ohio Supreme Court unanimously upheld the conviction of serial killer Anthony Kirkland.

Kirkland was responsible for the murder of 4 young women in this case and had previously killed another woman.

We are very careful in my office about the cases that we present as death penalty eligible.  I instruct my assistants that we only consider the “worst of the worst” cases for the death penalty and proof must be beyond dispute.  We do not make this decision lightly and only seek the death penalty in cases such as this where the facts are beyond horrific and the proof well beyond the reasonable doubt standard.

I do not seek the death penalty often but when I do, in cases such as Kirkland, it is appropriate. There are some progressive prosecutors around the country who vow never to seek the death penalty, instead preferring to house and feed criminals such as Kirkland for the rest of their life.   Kirkland murdered 5 women and, if ever released from prison, would not hesitate to kill again.”