Today, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters commented on the recent bond hearing for Idris Cockrell.

On April 28, 2020, Cockrell was charged with one count of Improper Discharge into a Habitation (F2). He was given a bond of $50,000, which was posted on April 30, 2020.

On November 21, 2020, while out on bond, Cockrell was arrested for Carrying Concealed Weapons (F4), Improper Handling of Firearms in a Motor Vehicle (F4), and Having Weapons Under Disability (F3). On December 3, bond for that case was set at $50,000 plus EMD (Electronic Monitoring Device), which was posted the same day.

On June 15, 2021, a motion was filed by Cockrell to remove the EMD requirement of his bond. Not only was this motion opposed by Assistant Prosecutor K.C. Fischer, a motion in opposition was filed requesting the bond be raised. According to the EMD officer, Cockrell had consistently violated the conditions of his EMD and has posted multiple videos and photos to social media of himself posing with various firearms and large quantities of marijuana.

Today, Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Alison Hatheway not only failed to raise Cockrell’s bond, but granted him additional unsupervised hours from his EMD restrictions. Cockrell is now free to travel anywhere in Hamilton County from 8:00am-11:00pm every day without restrictions.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters commented, “We need to get serious about our priorities as a community. Illegal guns and those who possess them pose a danger to every single person. Children are being gunned down in the street almost daily. The fact that felony weapon offenders are regularly being told there will be no punishment for violating court orders will have dire consequences. Everyone in this county should be gravely concerned about what’s going on at the Hamilton County Courthouse.

The idea that some in this country want to restrict gun ownership for law abiding citizens, but will turn a blind eye to repeated felony weapons violations is unbelievable and dangerous.”