Today, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters commented:

“I support peaceful protests and the exercise of individuals’ First Amendment rights.  As I stated on May 29th, what happened to George Floyd was horrible to watch and totally unjustified.  However, looting and rioting do nothing to solve any of our problems or bring change to the justice system and do nothing to honor the memory of George Floyd.

Our local law enforcement agencies have done an excellent job in the last few days of keeping the peace in Cincinnati and allowing lawful protests, while also maintaining the order against those who break the law and cause damage or harm.  The police are well within their rights to arrest people who violate the law, including those who are on the streets in violation of the curfew.

Curfew cases will be prosecuted by the City of Cincinnati Prosecutor’s Office as they prosecute misdemeanors that occur in the city.

The entire nation is watching how the justice system is working in Minneapolis.  The entire nation is also watching how people protest the murder of George Floyd.

I understand that people are frustrated and want change.  Peaceful protests are heard loud and clear and that message should not be diluted or overshadowed by the few who want to cause damage and harm.”