“We are one step closer to keeping Ohio a safe place to raise our families.”

Today, the Ohio General Assembly passed joint resolutions to place on the November ballot a constitutional amendment that would require judges to consider public safety when setting monetary bail.

In January, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled in DuBose v. McGuffey that judges cannot consider public safety when setting monetary bail amounts.

As a result of the General Assembly’s passage of HJR2 and SJR5, the issue about public safety and cash bail will be on the ballot for the voters to decide in November.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters commented, “The number one job of the government is to protect its people. I am thankful to Attorney General Dave Yost and the General Assembly – especially Representatives LaRe and Swearingen and Senator Gavarone – for their commitment to public safety.

We have seen across the country the deadly result of politicians and courts that do not consider the victims or community safety. Today was an important step to ensure Ohio does not make the same mistakes as New York or California.

Everyone needs to be aware of the two local representatives that voted against public safety today: Senator Cecil Thomas and Representative Jessica Miranda. They should be ashamed.

The choice for Ohioans is crystal clear this November: Do you stand with safer neighborhoods or the criminal lobby?”