Today, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters commented on the verdict in the case of Curtis Scott.

Scott was indicted for 1 count of Kidnapping with Specifications (Felony 1), 1 count of Abduction (Felony 3), 1 count of Felonious Assault with Specifications (Felony 2), 1 count of Felonious Assault (Felony 2) and 1 count of Having Weapons While Under Disability (Felony 3) in case  No.B 1904164.

Video footage from the victim’s apartment building showed Scott viciously beating the victim and dragging her to her apartment.  Scott held the victim hostage in her apartment for 16 hours until she managed to alert neighbors to contact the police.

Scott elected for a jury trial in front of Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas Judge Jody Luebbers.  The jury returned a verdict on September 29th of guilty on Kidnapping (Felony 1), Abduction (Felony 3) and Felonious Assault (Felony 2).  The jury returned not guilty verdicts on the other counts and specifications.

Judge Luebbers will sentence Scott on Friday, October 2nd at 10:00 a.m. in courtroom 340 in the Hamilton County Courthouse.  He faces the possibility of 22 years in prison.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters commented, “This video is one of the most disturbing videos I have seen.

The victim endured a horrible beating at the hands of Scott.  She was able to eventually get away from him and lock herself in her bathroom.  Scott held her hostage for 16 hours.  The victim literally clawed her way through her bathroom wall and contacted neighbors to alert the police.

The victim was a star witness in the trial for the State of Ohio.

I am always amazed at the strength of victims to survive ordeals such as this and then to have the courage to confront their abuser in court.  With this verdict, justice prevailed.”