Today, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters responded to recent reporting on the case of death row inmate, Elwood Jones.

In 1996, Elwood Jones was convicted of the aggravated murder of Rhoda Nathan at the Embassy Suites in Blue Ash.

Jones was an employee at the Embassy Suites where Ms. Nathan was staying with friends to attend a bar mitzvah. When her friends left the hotel room for breakfast, Ms. Nathan took a shower. When she was finished with her shower, she exited the bathroom to find Elwood Jones in her hotel room. Ms. Nathan was brutally beaten and left for dead. ApulSoft apQualizr2 Keygen

When her friends returned to the room, they did not recognize her. Two teeth were knocked out of her mouth. She was swollen and bruised. Her necklace – a one-of-a-kind pendant, gifted to her by her late husband – was taken from around her neck.

Days after her murder, Elwood Jones was found to be in possession of door chains and a master key to every room in the Embassy Suites; a key he had checked out the morning of Ms. Nathan’s murder and never returned. Also in his possession: Rhoda Nathan’s one- of-a-kind pendant.

Bruising on Rhoda’s body was consistent with the door chains, Elwood’s boot heel, and a unique walkie-talkie radio he was carrying that day.

Jones was also suffering from a significant infection to his dominant hand. Doctors determined the wound was infected with the kind of bacteria that is most commonly found in the human mouth. The location of the infection could have only been caused by a puncture wound to a clenched fist.

A jury and judge, after hearing the evidence, sentenced Jones to death over 25 years ago. Jones has exhausted all of his appeals. State and Federal appeals courts have heard his case and determined the verdict and sentence should stand.

Now, Elwood Jones is asking for a new trial. Arguments were heard in front of Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Wende Cross. The parties are awaiting her decision.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters commented, “This hearing was more about playing to the court of public opinion. Jones’ team used theatrics and inflammatory language to lead the public to believe an injustice has occurred. Unfortunately for Jones, his argument is legally baseless.

And yet, their false narrative has been parroted by some of our local media. I have been in politics for over 30 years and I have never been so moved by media misrepresentations as I have in this case. Which is why the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office felt it necessary to respond.

The truth about Elwood Jones can be found on our website (, on our social media accounts, and on our YouTube channel. Rhoda Nathan and her family deserve better than this click-bait nonsense.”


To view the video on YouTube, click HERE.