Location Noble Correctional Institution
Offenses Aggravated Burglary, Armed Robbery, Gross Sexual Imposition, Petty Theft
Sentence Min/Max 17 YEARS/60 YEARS
Date Admitted 06/29/2006
Next Eligibility Hearing Date 06/28/2019
Jerry Freeman is currently serving a sentence of 17 ½ to 60 years following convictions for Armed Robbery, Petty Theft, Verify Address Failure, Gross Sexual Imposition, Aggravated Burglary, and Forgery. Defendant Freeman will go before the parole board after once again violating his parole. The facts in this case show that he was originally imprisoned for committing forgery, theft, gross sexual imposition and armed robbery. The more serious facts show that he and another person raped 17-year-old girl, stole her money and clothing. The defendant has his chance to be on parole and lead a law-abiding life. However, he showed he is incapable of following the law. He has earned his maximum sentence and should serve every day of it.

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