Location Toledo Correctional Institution
Offenses Attempted Rape, Felonious Sexual Penetration, Rape
Sentence Min/Max LIFE/LIFE
Date Admitted 03/27/1992
Next Eligibility Hearing Date 09/30/2019
Larry Brown was watching his seven-year-old daughter and her eight-year-old half-brother. Brown took the two children to a secluded area and told the children if they wanted to see their home or their mother again that they were going to do what he told them to do. He then ordered both of them to take off their pants. He then told the boy to have sex with his sister. When the child was unable to do so, Brown said, "here, let me show you how it's done." He then shoved his fingers into his daughter's vagina, then he forced his penis into her and had intercourse.

Brown tried to make an eight-year-old boy rape his younger sister. When the child was unable to do this, Brown raped his own daughter in front of him. The undersigned has knowledge of many depraved crimes, but this is almost unimaginable. If ever there was a defendant who deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison, Brown is it. For the sake of these children and society as a whole, Brown should never be granted any type of release.

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