Location Madison Correctional Institution
Offenses Aggravated Robbery, Attempted Murder
Sentence Min/Max 14 YEARS/50 YEARS
Date Admitted 08/11/1995
Next Eligibility Hearing Date 02/29/2024

After waiting until only bank employees were present, Mark Parrish entered the National Bank and Trust and approached a teller. He handed her a knapsack, pulled out a handgun, and demanded she place money in the sack.

After getting around $4,200, Parrish left and fled down I-71. Not long after that, Officer Jasper of the Montgomery Police Department saw Parrish and began to pursue him. As he followed Parrish around a blind curve, Officer Jasper had to slam on his brakes to keep from running into Parrish, who had stopped his car to wait for the officer.

As Officer Jasper started to get out of his cruiser, Parrish stepped out of his car and began firing his gun at Officer Jasper. Officer Jasper tried to hide and could see Parrish walking towards him as he continued to fire his gun. Parrish got back into his car and fled once Officer Jasper managed to pull his own gun and return fire.

Before he fled, Parrish fired sixteen shots at Officer Jasper. Three of those shots hit him. One hit him in the arm, one hit him in the chest but was stopped by his bulletproof vest, and the third grazed the back of his head.

Parrish was arrested a little later after other officers located him. Before being stopped, Parrish tried to flee from the police, swerving in and out of traffic as he tried to run.

Police found the knapsack with the stolen money, a 9mm gun with a fully loaded clip and one chambered round. They also found an empty clip that had Parrish's fingerprints on it. Inside the sack, the police also found a roll of duct tape.

Parrish not only robbed a bank, he also tried to kill a police officer. And he was sure to fully reload his gun after trying to kill the officer, showing that he was more than ready to try to kill again. But for the officer's vest and good fortune, he would have been killed by either the shot to his chest or his head.

Parrish robbed a bank and tried to shoot a police officer to death. He has earned every day of his maximum sentence and this office, therefore, opposes granting him any type of early release.

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