Location Pickaway Correctional Institution
Offenses Aggravated Burglary, Rape, Robbery
Sentence Min/Max 13 YEARS/50 YEARS
Date Admitted 05/23/2006
Next Eligibility Hearing Date 03/30/2024
On a Saturday night in January of 1988, GJ was out at a club with her friend DD. GJ wanted to go home and DD said she would make arrangements for someone to give her a ride. A short while later, Sherfield, who had evidently overheard the exchange, walked up to GJ and introduced himself as DD’s brother. He told her he would give her a ride home. Once outside, Sherfield grabbed GJ’s coat and told her he had a gun. He ordered her to proceed down some steps between two apartment buildings. When she refused, he threw her down the steps. As she lay shaking in the snow at the bottom of the steps, Sherfield ordered her to take off her clothes. Given his violent response the first time she refused an order and believing he had a gun, GJ complied. Sherfield then vaginally raped her.

Once he was finished, he told her he was actually an undercover police officer and that he was going to file a solicitation charge against her so no one would believe a rape allegation. He took her wallet, personal papers and a gold ring from off her finger. He then ordered her to count backwards from 50 while he fled with her belongings.

About a week later, Sherfiled knocked on the door to VT’s apartment. VT suffered from severe mental illness. When VT initially refused to open the door for him, Sherfield told her he was a detective and that he would have the fire department break down her door if she did not let him in. VT acquiesced. Once inside, Sherfield began walking toward her bedroom. VT followed him as he claimed he was investigating a burglary report. Once in the bedroom, Sherfield turned up the radio to mask any sounds, threw VT onto the bed and forcibly raped her.

Sherfield was indicted on charges of Aggravated Rape and Robbery for the incident involving GJ, and Aggravated Burglary and Rape for the incident involving VT. Per a plea agreement, Sherfield pleaded guilty to the Rape of GJ and the Aggravated Burglary of VT. He was sentenced to seven to twenty-five years in prison. In July of 2001, a Sexual Predator Hearing was held and Sherfield was adjudicated a Sexual Predator. Sherfield was subsequently granted parole.

About two years later, in January of 2006, Sherfield struck again. After RB finished performing in a drag show at a nearby, he drove to a popular gay bar which stayed open after hours, and parked in the back lot. Shortly after he parked, he observed Sherfield walk up to the vehicle next to his and knock on the window. About a minute later, Sherfield knocked on RB’s window and told him to roll it down. RB initially cracked the window just a little bit, but complied when Sherfield told him to roll it all the way down. Once the window was down, Sherfield attacked.

Sherfield lunged in through the window and put a box cutter against RB’s throat. RB tried to struggle, but was hindered by his seatbelt which was still fastened. Sherfield backhanded him twice in the face and told RB he would kill him if he didn’t stop struggling. (RB would require stitches for a lacerated lip.) Sherfield then ordered RB into the backseat and forced him to undress. Sherfield then tried to anally rape RB, but did not succeed in penetration. Eventually he stopped trying and threatened to kill RB unless he performed fellatio on him. RB complied.

When Sherfield became distracted, RB took this opportunity to grab his purse and flee the car. Once out, he called 911 and reported what was happening. While on the phone, RB backed away as Sherfield got out of the other side of the car and started coming around it. He cried out to the 911 operator that Sherfield was coming after him and started to run away. Sherfield caught up to him easily, grabbed RB by the arm, took the cellphone and ran off. Officers arrived about a minute later and Sherfield was found a short distance away. In his possession was RB’s cellphone and $48 he had taken from RB’s purse. He also had a box cutter in his pocket, and blood on his clothing.

Sherfield was given a chance on early release and an innocent victim paid the price. Sherfield should not be given another chance to harm more people. By his own actions, Sherfield has proven that he will reoffend and that is why the Hamilton County Prosecutors Office strongly opposes early release for Merideth Sherfield.

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