Location London Correctional Institution
Offenses Aggravated Robbery, Felonious Assault, Murder, Rape, Receiving Stolen Property, Theft
Sentence Min/Max 20 YEARS/LIFE
Date Admitted 06/22/1977
Next Eligibility Hearing Date 05/30/2019

After he was released from incarceration, Flowers spent time with a young lady he was friends with. One day, he was at her apartment and so was one of her friends. At some point, one of the young ladies was in the bedroom after having bathed and changed clothes. She turned around and saw Flowers pointing a gun at her. He called the other lady into the room and forced her to sit next to her friend on the bed.

Flowers bound and gagged both women. He asked for money and threatened to kill if he didn't receive any. He placed pillows over each woman's head and asked again. After he learning that there wasn't any money in the apartment, Flowers asked "which one of you is going to give it up first?"

He vaginally raped both women and stuck some unidentified object into each of their vaginas after he finished. After had had raped both women, he urinated on them while laughing.

Not satisfied with raping and urinating on the girls, he started pummeling both of them about the head with a blunt object. He stabbed one of the girls in the throat with a pair of scissors and tried to stab the other one, but she managed fight back. He pistol whipped both girls before fleeing the apartment.

Both girls were hospitalized for their injuries. One suffered permanent damage to her right eye.

Flowers' next victim did not live. She was found dead in her apartment. A phone cord had been tightly tied around her neck. After he had been arrested, Flowers told the police that he had gotten into an argument with her and "I took the cord and I heisted her."

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