Location Pickaway Correctional Institution
Offenses Aggravated Murder, Aggravated Robbery
Sentence Min/Max 30 YEARS/LIFE
Date Admitted 02/01/1991
Next Eligibility Hearing Date 02/28/2021
Nathaniel Reece, along with Clarence Coleman, killed two people during robberies.

In the first robbery-murder, Reece and Coleman attacked Peyton Evans with a baseball bat. Evans was attacked so viciously that a piece of the baseball bat was found under his body.
The second robbery-murder occurred the next day. Reece and Coleman saw Moisey Shtrom and his wife, Eugenia, leaving a ballet performance at Music Hall in Cincinnati. Coleman walked up to Eugenia, tore a necklace from her, and then threw it to the ground. Moisey quickly got his wife into the car and was trying to get into the car himself when Reece threw a rock at him, striking him in the head, which knocked him out.

Eugenia then watched as Coleman used the rock to beat Moisey in the head. Coleman then shattered the car window and took her purse. Moisey died from the wounds Reece and Coleman inflicted upon him.

Reece and Coleman’s attitude about what they had done is equally as disturbing as their crimes. Between the two killings, they took friends to show off where they had killed Evans, saying it was where “we dropped a mother fucker” and “we knocked [him] out dead.” In regards to Shtrom, they told these same friends they “put this man to sleep.”

According to Coleman, he and Reece were both angry with the world. He said that they were “ruthless” and on a “mission” to “whop on anybody that talk[ed] back” to them. While he did not say what prompted killing Evans, he claimed that what happened to the Shtroms occurred because Mrs. Shtrom looked at him after he bumped into her.
Reece was remorseless. He took the lives of two people because he was upset with the world. His vicious crimes fully justify keeping him imprisoned for the rest of his life. To release him even a day early would demean the seriousness of his offenses and belittle the lives of those he senselessly killed.

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