Location North Central Correctional Institution
Offenses Felonious Sexual Penetration, Gross Sexual Imposition, Rape
Sentence Min/Max 23 YEARS/LIFE
Date Admitted 11/15/1992
Next Eligibility Hearing Date 08/30/2019
Our records indicate that this defendant is serving a sentence of 23 years to LIFE following convictions for 12 counts of Felonious Sexual Penetration, 3 counts of Rape, and 8 counts of Gross Sexual Imposition in the above case numbers.
Otis Mixon has sexually assaulted at least seven children.


Sarah, 13-years old at the time, was sexually assaulted by Mixon at her aunt’s house. Mixon had been dating Sarah’s aunt for about a year. There were times that Sarah stayed at her aunt’s house. She recalled that Mixon sexually assaulted her three times in June 1993. The first time, he forcibly kissed her and forced her onto a bed before unbuttoning her shorts and putting his finger in her vagina. Sarah told him to stop, but he had intercourse with her.

The next time occurred early one morning. Mixon woke Sarah up, put his hand over her mouth, and then inserted both his finger and his penis in her vagina.

The third assault happened the next day while Sarah’s aunt was at work. Mixon found Sarah in the kitchen, unzipped her pants, and then inserted his finger in her vagina.


When these things were discovered, it was also discovered that Sarah’s two-year-old cousin, Kasse, had also been sexually assaulted. Using anatomical dolls, the two-year described “T” hurting her vagina or, as she called it, her “woo-woo.”

When these things that happened to Sarah and Kasse were reported to the police, they reopened files on complaints that other girls had made. This led to it being discovered that Mixon had sexually assaulted at least five other girls.


Angel met Mixon when she was in seventh grade. Mixon saw her on the street one day and asked if she needed a ride. She got in his car and Mixon took her to his house, claiming he needed to make a phone call. While there, he forcibly kissed her. When she resisted, he hit her. He told her not to tell anyone about what he did or he would kill her.

Later that same year, Mixon talked her into his car a second time. Once in his car, he managed to force his finger into her vagina. He once again told her he would kill her if she told anyone.

And he managed to get her into his work delivery van on a third occasion, where he again forced his fingers into her vagina.

Theresa, a 13-year old, met him when she and another girl were walking down the street in October 1993. Mixon pulled up to them in his deliver van and started talking to them. A little later that month, he talked her into his car and then drove behind some apartment buildings. He then tried to forcibly undress Theresa, groped her breasts, and forced his finger into her vagina.


Amy, another 13-year old, reported that she had met Mixon in the summer of 1991 at a pool. Mixon had offered to protect her from some other boys that had somehow threatened her. He told her to call him “Uncle T” and went on a walk with her.

Eventually, they sat down and started talking. He told her that it was good for young girls to go with older men so they could learn from each other. He told her that he was going to kiss her, which caused Amy to get up saying that her mother was coming soon to pick her up. Mixon then put his hands on her hips, told her to feel his heart beat, then kissed her while feeling between her legs and commenting on how mature she was for her age.

The next fall, Mixon pulled up alongside Amy while in his delivery van. He talked her into his van and then drove to a wooded area where he started kissing her. He ended up putting his finger in her vagina, which caused her to say she had to go home. He started driving away, but instead of taking her home, he took her to another secluded area where he started kissing her, put his fingers in her vagina, and, ultimately, had intercourse with her.

What happened to Amy came to light after she was hospitalized for a suicide attempt. She said what Mixon did to her was part of why she tried to kill herself.


Amber, also 13-years old, met Mixon at the same pool in 1991. That September, Mixon saw her walking and, on the pretense of giving her a ride, took her to an apartment building that he said belonged to his mother. He led her into the basement where he started kissing her and rubbing her vagina. He started to put his fingers in her vagina when she got him to stop.

Amber saw him again the following month while she and her brother were waiting for a bus. Mixon gave the two of them a ride to their home, but followed them inside. Once inside, Mixon began kissing her and forced his finger into her vagina while she was telling him to stop.

The following March, Mixon talked Amber into his van and started to apologize for his earlier behavior. But then he started to kiss her and forced his finger into her vagina. He tried to have sex with her, but he could not get an erection.

Amber had reported this to the police, but dropped things after Mixon threatened to kill her.


Lisa, yet another 13-year-old girl, met Mixon while she was at school. Mixon told her he was at the school because he had nieces who went there. Later, Lisa was at a friend’s house and Mixon ended up there, apparently visiting her friend’s mother. When Mixon and Lisa ended up alone, he stuck his hands in her pants, touched her vagina, and told her he felt “peach fuzz.”

A few months later, Mixon drove up to Lisa and ordered her into his van. Once in the van, he drove her to his apartment. Once inside, he forced her onto a couch, began kissing her, forced his finger into her vagina, and then had intercourse with her. After he finished, he drove her back to school and told her they would not be boyfriend and girlfriend, but just friends.

Anything less than a life sentence senselessly puts children at risk

Mixon has sexually assaulted at least six teenage girls, most seventh graders, and one two-year-old girl. He threatened to kill some of them. At least one dropped charges after she was threatened. The one time he tried to show remorse, he used it as an opportunity to commit yet another sexual assault.

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