Location North Central Correctional Institution
Offenses Felonious Sexual Penetration, Gross Sexual Imposition, Rape
Sentence Min/Max 23 YEARS/LIFE
Date Admitted 11/15/1992
Next Eligibility Hearing Date 08/30/2019
Our records indicate that this defendant is serving a sentence of 23 years to LIFE following convictions for 12 counts of Felonious Sexual Penetration, 3 counts of Rape, and 8 counts of Gross Sexual Imposition in the above case numbers.

Otis Mixon has sexually assaulted at least seven children.

Mixon has sexually assaulted at least six teenage girls, most seventh graders, and one two-year-old girl. He threatened to kill some of them. At least one dropped charges after she was threatened. The one time he tried to show remorse, he used it as an opportunity to commit yet another sexual assault.

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