Location London Correctional Institution
Offenses Rape
Sentence Min/Max 10 YEARS/50 YEARS
Date Admitted 06/03/2013
Next Eligibility Hearing Date 09/30/2019
Craddock was originally imprisoned for vaginally and anally raping a 10-year-old girl. The vaginal rape occurred while the victim was sleeping. She woke up and cried out for help. Craddock stopped and insisted nothing was going on. The child’s mother believed him and wrote off the child’s cries to a bad dream.

The anal rape occurred later when Craddock was watching the victim and her two brothers. While the boys were bathing, he found the girl, pulled her shorts and underwear down, and anally raped her. He ejaculated into her underwear, so he laundered them and then threw them away.

Despite having been given a potential 50-year sentence, he was granted parole. While on parole, Craddock failed to register as a sexual predator. He pleaded guilty to that and was given a chance on community control. It took him less than a month to be violated. The violation was due to his being arrested for public indecency.

The facts of his public indecency conviction are detailed in his direct appeal in Hamilton County Case Nos. C-130324 and C-1300325. They show that he was masturbating in a math class at Cincinnati State Technical and Community College. The girl who witnessed this reported it to campus police, but they wanted the professor to verify things. Two days later, Craddock masturbated in the math class again. The professor saw Craddock’s behavior and reported it to the police, who arrested him.

Craddock has shown that he has no sexual inhibitions. He will rape children and masturbate in math classes. If he is release again, it will only be a matter of when, not if, he does it again. He should never be allowed to do it again. Instead of allowing that to happen, the board should deny him parole and have him serve out his maximum 50-year sentence.

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