Location London Correctional Institution
Offenses Aggravated Murder, Attempted Aggravated Robbery, Attempted Murder, Escape
Sentence Min/Max LIFE/LIFE
Date Admitted 03/01/1979
Next Eligibility Hearing Date 05/30/2019

Russell Bell was originally sentenced to DEATH and is now serving 902.88 years to life after being convicted of Escape, Attempted Aggravated Robbery, Attempted Murder and Aggravated Murder.

Bell and his co-defendant, Wayne Reed, planned to rob a convenience store. Each was armed with a gun. Their plans changed when an off-duty police officer saw them acting suspiciously and had uniformed officers come to the store.

Bell and and his co-defendant Reed attempted to flee from the area when they realized their plans had been found out. Officer Charles Burdsall, however, saw them and pulled them over. As Officer Burdsall approached the car, Reed shot him in the mouth and then shot him again in the back and the side as Officer Burdsall fell to the ground.

Bell and Reed fled again. The two worked together in an attempt to cover up their crime by wiping down the car, removing the license plates and hiding the guns they used.

Russell Bell planned out crimes that led to a police officer being killed. He was originally sentenced to death. Having had his life spared, there is no reason why Bell should be released from prison.

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