Location London Correctional Institution
Offenses Aggravated Burglary, Aggravated Murder, Drug Trafficking
Sentence Min/Max 30 YEARS/LIFE
Date Admitted 05/14/1986
Next Eligibility Hearing Date 07/30/2020

Stephen Wise wanted the victim to drop charges she had filed against him. Those charges came from Wise threatening to kill her because "if he couldn't have her, no one else would have her." He decided the best way to go about doing this was to break into her home and wait for her.

When the victim got home, she had time to drop her coat and keys on her couch before Wise revealed himself. The two argued and Wise ended up pulling out a long straight-razor and attacking her with it.
Defensive wounds on her hands showed that the victim tried to defend herself. She even tried throwing things at Wise, such as bottles that were found with her blood on it. Wise, however, was relentless. He pursued her through her home, slicing her up with his long razor as she ran.
The victim's blood was, quite literally, everywhere in her home. It was found on railings, on door jams, in her kitchen, in her living room, in her bathroom, and in her bedroom. The walls along both sides of the staircase from the second floor had a regular arcs of blood splattered on and running down them.
The nature of the wound that killed her showed that it was such a clean cut that the coroner concluded that she was either unconscious or being physically restrained when he sliced her neck open. Other injuries that the coroner found showed that the victim had been strangled, beaten and kicked in the face, had multiple cuts to her neck, and had a cut over her right eye.
Crime scene photos showed that the victim's belt and pants were undone.
A psychological report was prepared to see if Wise was competent to stand trial. It found that he was, but also noted that Wise has "a character disorder present as manifested by long-term maladaptive, and socially unacceptable behaviors."

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