Location Madison Correctional Institution
Offenses Rape
Sentence Min/Max 10 YEARS/LIFE
Date Admitted 06/07/1989
Next Eligibility Hearing Date 04/30/2020
The board held a full hearing on this inmate in August 2012.

At that hearing, Allen’s sister spoke on his behalf. She was unable to accept that her brother raped a child and, instead, said she would be comfortable with him being around her own grandchildren. She also alluded to his prior parole violations as being her fault because she hadn’t done enough to protect him from getting in trouble again.

The victim’s husband spoke. He originally planned on telling the board about how much Allen’s actions had affected Kathy throughout her life and their marriage. But after hearing Allen’s sister talk about allowing him to be around her grandchildren, he focused instead wanting to keep Allen in prison not because of what he did to Kathy, but to make sure that what happened to Kathy didn’t happen to another child.

Allen expressed no remorse for what he had done. Instead, he has inconsistently reported everything from he didn’t know Kathy to being sexually attracted to her for months prior to raping her. The truth behind Allen’s motivations is impossible to know because he keeps making up different stories.

Notably, the things he said he learned from his incarceration was aimed primarily at him being successful long enough to get off parole. Once off parole, it appeared that his plans would have placed him right back into a situation where he could prey upon another child.

Ultimately, the only thing keeping Allen from committing further crimes is that he is incarcerated. Since he was given a life sentence, this board can make sure that he never victimizes another child again. He should not, therefore, be granted any type of release now or ever.

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