Location Chillicothe Correctional Institution
Offenses Involuntary Manslaughter, Murder
Sentence Min/Max 25 YEARS/LIFE
Date Admitted 10/26/1987
Next Eligibility Hearing Date 07/30/2023
Bolden was convicted Murder and Involuntary Manslaughter for the deaths of his twin children, 8 month old Devon on New Year’s Eve and 9 month old Demond six weeks later. On the day of Demond’s murder, Bolden got home around 0730hrs from his work. When his wife Angela, Demond’s mother, left the apartment at 1300hrs, Bolden and the child were sleeping together in the bedroom. Around 1745hrs, Bolden asked her to come home so he could go out with friends. He left as soon as she got back.

Angela went into the bedroom to check on Demond and saw him lying on his stomach under a blanket. He wasn’t breathing. She turned him over, but he wasn’t moving. She noticed a small amount of blood beneath his nose. She ran to the window and yelled for Bolden to come back because the baby was not breathing. Bolden came back, but it was Angela who ran across the street to the local firehouse to get help. The firemen attempted to revive the baby, but could not. Demond was dead. When they learned that 3 other children in the household had died within the previous two years, they contacted police. The youngest of the other three was ten weeks and the oldest was three and a half years old when they died. The autopsy revealed disturbing injuries to Demond.

X-rays revealed three healing rib fractures which had not been present when other x-rays were taken 6 weeks earlier when his twin sister was killed. The examination revealed almost a pint of blood in his abdomen from multiple tears in liver. There were six lacerations to his liver, ranging from one half inch to over two inches long and to varying depths. Most disturbing were the injuries to Demond’s spine. The coroner found multiple separations of the bones caused by hyperextension, which is an arching of the spine to such a degree that the ligaments or bones part. The coroner found that the bones in Demond’s back were pulled apart when his back was bent backwards.

Bolden claimed that when the baby started to cry he had picked Demond up, hugged him and then dropped the baby across his knee three times. He then laid Demond down on the bed, put in a load of laundry and laid back down on the bed next to his dying, infant son, and went back to sleep. He awoke when a friend knocked on the door and then he went to find Angela to take care of the child.

Given the graphic nature of Demond’s injuries and his death being the result of abuse, the coroner revisited the findings in his twin sister Devon’s death a few weeks earlier. In her case, the x-rays revealed a single healing rib fracture and also blood in the abdomen from multiple tears in her liver as well. There were also injuries that had been caused during the attempts to resuscitate the child, which masked the abusive nature of her fatal wounds. As to Devon’s death, Bolden told police he had come home late from work and was tired. When Devon began crying, he picked her up, hugged her and dropped her on his knee as he had with Demond. The coroner’s office also revisited the first two deaths, but did not find any indications of foul play.

For the murder of his own children, Bolden deserves every day of the life sentence he received. The Hamilton County Prosecutors Office strongly opposes early release for Thomas Bolden.

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