Today, Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers announced the indictment of Kelli Prather (DOB 4/14/72) for election fraud.

Prather was indicted for four counts of Prohibited Acts – Declarations or Petitions (F5), two counts of Tampering with Records (F3), one count of Election Falsification (F5), and one count of False Signatures (F5). If convicted of all charges, Prather faces a maximum possible sentence of three years in prison.

In 2021, Prather was a candidate for United States Senate. Prather submitted petitions to the Hamilton County Board of Elections to appear on the ballot for that election. Of the 5,619 signatures provided, 4,579 were found to be invalid. Of the 192 petition sheets filed with the Board of Elections, 74 contained zero valid signatures.

When the Hamilton County Board of Elections spot-checked parts of the petitions, they found 6 signatures with addresses associated with an abandoned building.

Some petitions filed with the Board contained all 30 signatures with obviously the same handwriting.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers commented, “It is shocking that a self- proclaimed community leader would engage in such blatant fraud relating to our elections.

Elections in the United States are sacred. We can have no tolerance for individuals looking to scam their way into office.

I am thankful for the bipartisan review of the allegations by the Board of Elections – and their unwavering commitment to free and fair elections in Hamilton County.”