Today, Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers announced the indictment of Rodolfo Castillo. Castillo was indicted for six counts of Kidnapping (F1), three counts of Aggravated Robbery (F1), one count of Robbery (F2), four counts of Rape (F1), and one count of Attempt Rape (F2). If convicted of all charges, he faces a maximum possible sentence of 85 years in prison.

On 2/13/23, Castillo contacted a transportation service and specifically requested a female driver to pick up a female passenger at 1440 West Kemper Road, an apartment complex in Forest Park. When the driver (victim, M.M.) arrived, Castillo entered the vehicle in the front passenger seat and directed M.M. to drive behind the apartment building. Once behind the building, Castillo stuck a large screwdriver into the ribs of M.M. and forced her into the backseat of the vehicle, threatening to kill her. Castillo tied M.M.’s hands and feet and forced her onto the floor of the vehicle.

Castillo drove M.M. to her bank and withdrew money from M.M.’s bank account. Castillo then drove M.M. to a dark, secluded parking lot and forced her to perform oral sex on him. Castillo then drove M.M. to a gas station, indicated he would kill her if she told the police, and allowed her to leave.

On 2/14/23, victim M.H. was leaving Kroger in Woodlawn. Castillo approached M.H. and offered her a ride. M.H. entered Castillo’s vehicle and they exited Kroger’s parking lot. As they were driving, Castillo took her phone. Castillo placed her phone in his pocket and punched her several times. Castillo threatened to rape and kill M.H. if she did not cooperate. At a traffic light, M.H. was able to open the car door and jump from the vehicle. A bystander assisted M.H. and called the Woodlawn Police. Castillo was able to get away before police arrived.

On 2/16/23, victim J.I. received a text requesting transportation from 1440 West Kemper Road from a number she believed was a third-party mutual friend. When she arrived at the apartment complex, Castillo entered her vehicle, held a knife to her ribs, took her phone, and directed her to an unknown location to park. He forced J.I. into the back seat, where he tied J.I.’s hands and feet. Castillo forced her onto the floor of the back seat and drove off. Castillo took J.I. to a dark parking lot and raped her.

Castillo drove her back to 1440 West Kemper where he raped her again, threatened to kill the victim if she told anyone, and released her.

Castillo is currently being held at the Hamilton County Justice Center on a $775,000 bond.

Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers commented, “This is every woman’s worst nightmare. I can’t imagine the terror these women went through. The courage it takes to survive something like this cannot be overstated.

With this kind of predatory behavior, we are concerned there may be more victims out there. If you have any information relating to Rodolfo Castillo, we ask that you contact Forest Park Police Department at 513-595-5220.”